Fire Safety Audit

Why do we need Fire Safety Audit?

A Fire Safety Audit is an examination of your business’ premises and relevant documents by fire safety inspectors, to ascertain how your premises are being managed with regards to fire safety. The purpose of doing this are given below-

  1. To assess organization’s fire safety management system & supportive arrangements and identify potential fire hazards against the requirements of National Building Code (NBC)2016, Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) regulations & Industry best practices
  2. To ensure the fire safety management system adheres to the prescribed legal requirementsas well as safety policies and objectives set by the organization
  3. To provide sound and convincing recommendations and offer a structured approach forcontinual improvement with regards to fire safety management

This audit is applicable to a wide range of organizations irrespective of size, sector, structure, or geography. However, it is more ideal for an organization wishing to formalize their fire risk management system and demonstrate compliance with fire safety regulations.


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